Lean Chasm

Lean Chasm unites efficient product development and strategic product marketing.

The Lean part comes from Lean Startup.  It is a popular way organizations can quickly methodically innovate toward success. It provides a short-term strategy to help product development move quickly and decisively toward good market fit.  The term Chasm comes from Geoffrey Moore's book: Crossing the Chasm.  Moore offers high-level, Business to Business (B2B) marketing strategy based on the product adoption curve. It provides a long-term strategy to expand marketshare around a new product. Lean Chasm synchronizes product development and market building.

"No business plan survives first contact with the customer."
- Steve Blank

Lean Chasm is implemented as a set of worksheets in a spreadsheet.  

The Laggards customer segment is not implemented because they represent a small group of potential customers that are unlikely to buy your product.

A Lean Chasm inspired PDF poster is also available. Made to be printed and hung on the wall, it presents a matrix of BMC's with swim-lanes that can be used for market segmentation or product segmentation.  

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