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Starting a company with a compelling story or investment opportunity?  These free resources are here to help you succeed.  While targeted toward startups, the resources are equally helpful for established organizations that want to launch a new product or an existing product into new markets. 

Acorn Pass can help with training or consulting
For startups, consulting might be free or even come with an angel investment.  

Are your starting a new business venture?  

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Manage Projects

A lightweight approach to managing anything.

Relentless innovation with just enough structure to stay organized.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Business To Business (B2B) marketing is not the same as business to consumer (B2C) marketing.  There is a lot of overlap, but the differences matter. One way to build, manage and communicate your B2B marketing strategy is with a three-document system that our principle honed over decades of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and successfully launching products in commercial and government organizations. 


Document your product


Generate and Curate Leads


Document your audiences

This one is not free, but it's a great resource.


Executive involvement is critical to managing cyber risk. Don't let your startup fall prey to cyber criminals.  Stay ahead of the pack!

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